Automatic system for palletizing three different types of cardboard boxes

Country: Romania
Industry: Automotive / Consumables
Products: Conveyor, Automation, Base frame, Gripper, Safety

The Challenge:

The execution of an automatic system for palletizing three different types of cardboard boxes.

The Solution:

After analyzing the input data and after talking to the beneficiary, we proposed the following equipment: 
- A motor driven roller conveyor (a 24V motor included within the roller), for the transport of the cardboard boxes towards the palletizing cell and for the management of their accumulation.
- An ABB IRB 460 Robot, with an EvoGliss Light V3 gripper, for the collection of the boxes and for their placement on the pallet.
- An automation system, built around an Allen Bradley PLC, Compact Logix type, with a touchscreen display for the operator interface. 
- An AS-i Interface for the connection of the field elements (sensors, 24V motors, buttons, electro valves) and the programmable automat, located inside the electric panel.
- A pneumatic lifting system for the products located on the rollers, in order for them to be collected by the robot.
- A safety solution

The working method and advantages of the solution:

The boxes are automatically detected by the optical sensors, and are transported towards the area of the robot, by means of the roller conveyors. At the collection point, a pneumatic system lifts the products from the rollers, in order to allow their collection by means of the mechanical-pneumatic gripper. According to the palletizing plan, the products are placed by the robot, on the pallet. The choice of the type of box that has to be palletized is done by means of the operating display, located on the electrical panel.

- The most economical and also the ideal communication solution between the automation elements, by using the AS-i interface, which brings the following advantages: simplicity, flexibility, control, performance and a reduction of the installation costs. 
- The gripper is fitted with fixing systems for the box, ensuring a high precision of its placement of the pallet.
- An easy operation of the line by means of the HMI display and of the console for the robot command.

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