Digitaloptics Success Story

Country: Romania
Industry: Research – Image Processing
Products: Robot & Base frame

The challenge:

To provide a module for the testing of photo cameras and of their software, in identical conditions, as similar to reality as possible.

The test module should be able to simulate, for example, the movements of a human being, while making a video or while taking pictures, with different models of photo cameras, with and without counting on the software developed by the beneficiary, in order to highlight the benefits provided by the latter one.

The solution:

The robot is designed to complete certain trajectories, with a 0,05 mm positioning precision and a 0,13 mm repeatability precision, having a photo camera installed on its arm (for testing the motion shooting, with/without the image stabilization software, with/without the face recognition software etc…), or a mannequin (for testing the motion face recognition, the “red eye” effect compensation , the instant photo-taking of a motion person etc…).

The base frame, with a total weight of 250 Kg, has been modularly designed, in order to facilitate the transport and installation at the beneficiary’s headquarters.

The results:

  • The data accuracy increase as a result of the test, by maintaining the testing conditions.
  • The fast implementation of the testing phase, due to the use of the predefined testing programs
  • New opportunities for testing, by means of the elaboration of new testing programs, which could not have been implemented before the robot’s acquisition.

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