Stoppers - Pushers - Divertors

In most of the industrial production processes, there are active elements that modify the trajectory of the product, according to certain decision-making factors. Our company has a great experience in the field of providing and implementing solutions for this type of elements:

  1. - stoppers – used in order to stop certain products on the conveyor belt
  2. - pushers – used in order to push the products from their normal trajectory
  3. - rejecters – used in order to remove from the production line the non-compliant products
  4. - diverters – used in order to change the trajectory that the product should follow
  5. - alignments – used in order to align the products on the conveyor belt
  6. - turners – used in order to change the orientation of the product.

  1. According to the type of driver that the active elements have, they are divided in:

  2. - Pneumatically driven elements
    - Electrically driven elements
    - Mechanically driven elements

  3. In most of the cases, for the applications that these systems use, the configuration includes a sensor for triggering the active element and a component used so that the user can introduce an adjustable delay, between the detection and the triggering (a PLC, a timer relay etc…).

    1. The main characteristics of the products that our company provides are:

      - They are designed and simulated with SolidWorks according to the specific requests of each application
      - They are solid and reliable constructions 
      - They have low operational and maintenance costs
      - They are easy to install and to use


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