Pneumatic Design



Evotech offers different and innovative solutions for automations built on electro-pneumatic architectures, addressed to industries such as food and beverages, automotive, pharmaceutical, research and development.


The core of the development of such solutions is represented by the design department. By using modern electro-pneumatic design tools, counting on an extensive experience in the area, the designers, along with the assembly teams, create equipment, devices, subassemblies, among which we mention the most significant accomplishments: 


  • electro-pneumatic grippers for the equipment of ABB articulated robots or gantry linear systems;

  • active systems for the management of production flows such as diverter or convergence assemblies;

  • electro-pneumatic systems for alignment, fixation, centering, grouping, guidance of the products in the primary or secondary packaging or palletization zones;

  • stopper / pusher automation subassemblies, integrated in different applications of the production flows;

  • blowers with alignment, divert, ejection functions for the non-compliant products;      

  • vacuum systems that can be used for grippers as well as for other equipment, such as vacuum conveyors, print and apply label applicators, other types of pick and place systems;

  • compressed air networks for automated lines;


    In order to elaborate these automation solutions, Evotech’s designers and consultants configure performance and quality components, matching the bold objectives required both by the applications of our clients, as well as by the evolution of the automation market towards efficient and productive technologies.


    Evotech integrates electro-pneumatic components from the following categories:


  • pneumatic and electric linear axis, components for the grippers, the gantry robots, the diverter systems, the convergent flows, the pusher, the stopper etc.;

  • pneumatic cylinders, in a wide functional and dimensional range;

  • individual solenoid valve or valve islands for applications with pneumatic actuators;

  • vacuum generators, vacuum pumps, blowers, specific accessories: fittings, piping, suction cups, mounting elements etc.;

  • compressed air preparation groups configured according to the applications, with air filtering functions against any type of impurities, air lubrication, drying and decontamination;

  • controllers, electrical and electronic components for positioning applications, for process management, for monitoring and supervision;


    Among the turnkey equipment developed by Evotech, in the electro-pneumatic automation area, stand out:

  • grippers for the manipulation of plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, boxes of beverages;

  • 90 degree pusher diverters for boxes;

  • automatic storage for the placing of the cardboard dividers at the base of the pallet, between the layers, on top of the pallet and at the end of the palletization;

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