Automatic system with manual feed, for marking the pinions, after the application of the annealing

Country: Romania
Industry: Automotive / Subassemblies
Products: Conveyor, Automation, Marking Equipment

The Challenge:

The execution of an automatic system, with manual feed, for the marking of the pinions, after the application of the annealing treatment.

The Solution:

After analyzing the input data and after talking to the beneficiary, we proposed the following equipment:
- A chain loop conveyor, from Flexlink, for the transport of the spare parts on the support 
- An Automator pneumatic marking equipment 
- Automation, built around a Micro 830 Allen Bradley PLC Allen, with a touchscreen display for the operator interface
- Wenglor sensors for the detection of the products in the work stations

The working system and the advantages:

 The operator places, on the conveyor, the spare parts that have to be marked, on the special supports. The spare parts are automatically detected by means of the sensors and are transported towards the marking station, where they are automatically printed. After the marking, the spare parts return to the operator’s area where he collects them. The system detects that the spare part has been collected and automatically transports the empty support towards the loading point, where the working cycle restarts.   .

- Only one operator can feed the spare parts for their marking and he can also collect the marked spare parts, without having to move. 
- An easy operation of the line by means of the HMI display and of the command console for the marking equipment. 
- While being marked, the spare part remains blocked in its position, is lifted from the conveyor’s chain and is secured by means of a pneumatic cylinder, all these ensuring a very high quality of the marking.


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