The software applications we have developed are focused on the clients from the industrial field and are created according to the specific requests of a company or of a certain group of users from that company.  

The applications that our company provides, are divided in two categories:

  1.  Software for industrial automations - industrial components

    1.   - PLC Software 

    2.   - HMI Software

    3.   - ABB robot programming

    4.   - SCADA

  1. Software for industrial applications, that includes, besides the automation components, the computer network

    - Software for Warehouse Management System Application

    - Production software for SAP reporting

    - Software for vision applications (vision camera, barcodes readers)

    - Software for monitoring certain production parameters from the computer.

  1. The most imprtant advantages of using our products are:

  2. - Ease of operation

  3. - Increased efficiency and productivity

    - Elimination of human errors

    - Flexibility to changes and/or upgrades

    - Time and cost saving.

There are no products in this section

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