Zahar Bod Success Story

Country: Romania
Industry: Food
Products: Robot, Gripper, Base frame, Automation & Safety

The challenge:

The automatic palletizing of the 50 Kg sugar bags, for a 8 bags per minute productivity.

The solution:

After analyzing the input information and after talking to the beneficiary, we proposed the following equipment:

  • A belt conveyor, for the collection of the bags from the existing production line
  • A roller conveyor, in order to allow the collection of the bags by means of the gripper
  • An ABB IRB 660 robot, with metallic base frame and an EvoGrab claw gripper
  • A motor driven roller conveyor and a gravity roller conveyor, for the pallets
  • Automation, build around a Compact Logix Allen Bradley PLC
  • Safety systems, consisting in a protection fence, safety barriers, interlocks and emergency-stop buttons.

The results:

  • A cost reduction by using a single operator for palletizing (initially, there were 4 operators)
  • A 30% productivity increase for each shift and the possibility to work in multiple shifts
  • An improvement of the work conditions and of the operators’ safety

Project Management: Despite a very tight deadline, the system was designed, developed and installed, one day earlier than the contract term.

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