Automatic Palletizing System

Country: Romania
Industry: Alimentary – Beverages
Products: Robot, Gripper, Base frame, Automation & Safety, Diverters, Stoppers

The challenge:

The automatic palletizing of a wide range of boxes of different sizes and weights, with a minimum cost, with the possibility of fast switching from one product to another.

The solution:

The implemented solution was built around an ABB IRB 460 robot cell, with an EvoMass gripper, managed by means of a B&R PLC. In order to solve the problem represented by the large number of the different palette matrices, the products have been previously collected by the robot, both according to their width as well as to their length, the robot being able to collect 1, 2, 3 or 4 products, regardless of the type of orientation, according to the corresponding palette matrix.

This way, a 15 palettes per hour minimum productivity was achieved, depending on the type of product and on the corresponding palette matrix.

The results:

  • To ensure the productivity demanded by the customers and to achieve the required quality and reliability indicators.
  • To reduce the palletizing costs, by means of a single operator monitored system.
  • To reduce the palletizing error rate up to 80%, by eliminating the human factor.

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