Electrical Design

We will start from the client’s requirements regarding:
- the available space;
- the necessary technical solution adapted to the technological process;
- the parameters of the power supply system

The available space is very important for the new installation that has to be integrated into a building or into an existing system. Our experience and the use of the general assembly drawings – elaborated by using the AutoCad and SolidWorks programs – lead to the optimization of the available space.
We adapt the technical solution to the requirements of the technological process by means of:
- theoretical simulations carried out by using the Fluid Sim and the Engineering Base programs for the pneumatic and electrical circuits of the chosen solution, and then by means of 
- real simulations of the processes involved in the technological chain.

The technical solution can be chosen from a wide range of possible technical solutions. The key consists in choosing the technical solution that meets as many advantages as possible for the economic efficiency of an installation and for the quality of the final product.
Taking into consideration the activity of the company in the industrial area, the technical solution is being chosen by a team with great experience in a very wide range of areas, a team that has been dealing with very complex situations during the many years dedicated to the designing and putting into operation of various installations.

According to the parameters of the power supply system that is available for the client, the electric circuits are adjusted, so that they permit the running of the different types of equipment necessary for the process.  
As a simple example, we could mention the possibility of a number of three-phase consumers, operating by having as a power supply source a single-phase circuit.

Also, over time, Evotech has developed a series of partnerships with important companies from the area of the electrical and automation components, in order to be able to offer the newest products and solutions, at the best prices.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle