Automatic system for the retrieval of the carton packages from the stack

Country: Romania
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Products: Pneumatic Feeder, Belt Conveyor, Domino printer, automation electric panel

The Challenge:

The execution of an automatic system for the retrieval of the carton packages from the stack, one by one, and their marking, by means of an industrial ink printer, achieving a 1000 products per hour productivity.      

The Solution:

As a result of the tests performed with the client’s products, we have decided to execute a system meant to retrieve the carton packages from the stack, by using pneumatic components.

The proposed solution creates a vacuum, by means of a Venturi system, and retrieves, with the help of two suction cups, one by one, the products from the carton packages stack. 

The Allen Bradley Micro 830 programmable automat analyzes the information transmitted by the sensors and manages the manipulation of the carton packages and also the command of the Domino printer and of the belt conveyor.

The precision and the synchronization of the movements along the two axes, X and Y, are very important, reason why the positions of the pneumatic actuators, the level of the pressure and of the vacuum are being confirmed by means of the sensors.

The advantages of the solution:

- A reliable pneumatic system, that guarantees the retrieval of a singular carton package from the stack.

- A guidance of the carton packages on the conveyor, in order to ensure a constant position for the marking.

- An easy loading of the products in the storage zone and an easy to use system.

- The system has 30 minutes functional autonomy.

- The pressure and vacuum levels monitoring, as well as of the positions of the pneumatic actuators

Video presentation

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