Supports - Frames

For most of the industrial applications, the equipment that is part of the production flow is being installed on support structural elements, base frames or on other mounting structures, which must allow the system to function as the application requires.

The base frames for robots are used in order to achieve the height specifications of different application and in order to compensate height of the gripper mounted on the robot.

The main characteristics:
  • They reach a wide range of available heights
  • They have a solid, metallic, electrostatically painted trapezoidal structure
  • They are designed and simulated in Solid Works according to the specific requirements of each application and for any type of robot
  • They can be anchored to the ground by means of chemical anchors or expansion anchors.

The support elements can be rigid or adjustable in different directions, with secure or mobile ground gripping, optimized for each application.

The used materials:
  • Electrostatically painted steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze, PEID, plastic, for the accessories

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