Gripper EvoMatrix


Scope Of Supply

EvoMatrix gripper is designed for packing applications involving the placement of various sizes and shapes of empty bottles inside a cardboard tray or box.

Standard Suppy:

  • EvoMatrix gripper
  • Robot flange
  • Electrical connection box
  • Electric & pneumatic I/O port
  • Flexible cables and hoses
  • User manual

Main Features:

  • It features pneumatic inflating finger grippers, with silicone elastic part and centering cones, in order to protect the product.
  • Can be used for handling products, which are transported in pockets or directly on the conveyor.
  • Shipped ready for use with the required robot model
  • Reed sensors for confirming cylinders positions
  • Optimized for ABB palletizing robots (6 axis).

Technical Details:

Technical Features:

  • Capable of +20 cycles per minute, dependent upon robot and distance travel.
  • The products can be picked from two parallel conveyors, in order to increase productivity. At each cycle, the robot places 2 rows of 10 bottles inside the tray, but this can be tailored on customer requirements
  • With small changes the gripper can be modified to pick up any goods equally spaced on the conveying line and to close them to each other, phase often necessary in the tray packing projects.
  • Gripper weight is around 40 Kg, dependent upon configuration
  • Pressure: 5 bar



  • The gripper is designed to pick up two lines of bottles equally spaced and to close the gap between them in order to fit them into a tray.

  • Utilizes Festo pneumatics and Bosch Rexroth linear bearings carriage

  • Turn-Key solution, easy to use in production (Plug & Produce)

  • All electrical connections between valves, sensors and the junction box, as well as electrical cable and connectors, are supplied for easy robot integration

  • Able to handle interlayer cardboard sheets

  • Complete feedback from build-in sensors, which can confirm the positions for moving parts – increase safety and speed

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