Gripper EvoGrab


Scope Of Supply

EvoGrabbag gripper was designed and build to satisfy the most demanding requirements for bag palletizing applications and can be use in harsh environments (dust, powders, etc…).

Standard Supply:

  • EvoGrab bag gripper
  • Robot flange
  • Electrical connection box
  • Electric & pneumatic I/O port
  • Flexible cables and hoses
  • Cable tray
  • User manual and spare parts list


  • Mechanical system for handling interlayer cardboard sheets
  • Laser sensor for distance measure and confirmation
  • Mechanical system for handling empty pallets

Main Features:

  • Available in two standard versions
  • For 30 Kg bags
  • For 50 Kg bags
  • Optimized for ABB palletizing robots
  • Shipped ready for use with the required robot model
  • The mechanical and pneumatic system, which holds the product in gripper, is also used  for centering the product
  • Equipped with a system consisted of a pneumatic operated flange which  stabilize the bag during handling
  • Reed sensors for confirming cylinders positions
  • Usually this gripper must be ordered with a special roller conveyor, supplied by Evotech, in order to allow an easy and safe picking and lifting of the product from the conveyor

 EvoGrab 50 Kg bag gripper – Technical Drawings

Technical Characteristic



  • EvoGrab it’s a rigid gripper, designed to work in heavy environments

  • High reliability and low maintenance costs

  • Turn-Key solution, easy to use in production (Plug & Produce)

  • Able to handle interlayer cardboard sheets

  • Pneumatic system for centering and fixing product in gripper

  • Complete feedback from build-in sensors, which can confirm the positions for moving parts – increase safety and speed

  • Designed for low energy consumption and environmental friendly

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