Gripper EvoGliss Light



Scope Of Supply

The EVOGLISS gripper represents mostly a threaded fastener assembly, which gives us the chance to easily modify or change a majority of components even after the gripper is bought and used, to satisfy all of our clients requirements.

Standard Supply:

  • EvoGlis gripper
  • Robot flange
  • Electrical connection box
  • Electric & pneumatic I/O port
  • Flexible cables and hoses
  • User manual


  • Mechanical system for handling interlayer cardboard sheets
  • Mechanical system for handling        
  • Euro-pallets from pallet stack
  • Laser sensor for distance measure and confirmation

Main Features

  • Available in these versions:
  • Standard for handling boxes
  • For handling boxes and interlayer cardboard
  • For handling boxes, interlayer cardboard and euro-pallets
  • Shipped ready for use with the required robot model
  • The sliding system, on which the gripper is based, allows handling of easily deformable boxes without any damage
  • For each transported box, there is a system consisted of a pneumatic operated flange which  stabilize the box during handling
  • Reed sensors for confirming cylinders positions
  • Optimized for ABB palletizing robots
  • Usually this gripper must be ordered with a system that lifts the boxes of the conveyor .

Technical Data

Simple EVOGLISS light gripper
                Mass: 60-65Kg


Gripper EVOGLISS light standard + cardboard handler
Mass 60-65Kg

Gripper EVOGLISS light standard + cardboard handeler + euro pallets
Mass 65-70Kg

Technical Features

  • Capable of 7+ cycles per minute, dependent upon robot model and distance traveling 
  • Capable to handle boxes with the weight of maximum 10Kg. 
  • Approximate weight :
  • 60-65 Kg for the standard one box gripper
  • 60-65 Kg for the cardboard handling gripper
  • 65-70 Kg for the euro-pallets and cardboard handling gripper
  • Mobile clamp stroke : 400 mm
  • Pressure: 5 bar
  • The cables allow gripper rotation with +/- 180 degrees



  • EvoGliss it’s a flexible gripper that can be easily upgraded to one of the desired version

  • High reliability and low maintenance costs

  • Turn-Key solution, easy to use in production (Plug & Produce)

  • Able to handle empty pallets, from a pallet stack and eliminates the need of using an expensive pallet dispenser

  • Able to handle interlayer cardboard sheets

  • Complete feedback from build-in sensors, which can confirm the positions for moving parts – increase safety and spee

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